A video dialogue program for young women in the USA and Muslim countries
April 29th, 2008 at 8:20 pm
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We just held our final two sessions of this year’s program.

New techology. Last week’s session dealt with issues of technology: how new technologies were changing our lives. We talked about the technologies that were most important to us: the Internet, cell phones and cars were all mentioned as technologies that had changed our life. Our participants also mentioned that these technologies would vary by generation: our parents’ generation, for example, was more influenced by the arrival of new appliances for the home, whereas we took these things for granted. We also discussed the impact new technologies had on small children, and how important it was for parents to ensure their children were not influenced in a bad way by all that the new technologies enable.

Globalization. Our final session was on the impact of globalization. There was much discussion of what globalization means: for us in the US, it conjures images of companies in Asia becoming more competitive than their American counterparts. In Tunisia, there was concern about protecting local customs in the face of global, often American-influenced culture. One participant asked the US group what we’d think of globalization if global culture was dominated more by Eastern thinking and customs rather than typically Western ones. Overall, there was consensus that our increasingly global world could be good in many ways, but that you had to also ensure that many different cultures could thrive rather than being eradicated by a single global identity. 

It was sad to finish up our program after so many sessions, but our participants promised to e-mail each other and to keep in touch. With any luck, this will be the start rather than the end of our interactions!

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