A video dialogue program for young women in the USA and Muslim countries
November 13th, 2007 at 11:11 pm
Posted by Zia in Sessions

With fewer technical issues this time around, we had more time for conversation. Our second session focused on family life; much of the conversation focused on living situations with family and the role of a woman in marriage. While some of the US participants lived at home (or had lived at home at some point after college), most of them now lived independently while most of the Tunisian participants lived with family.

There was discussion of which living situation the participants liked better - the women on both sides had a preference for their own situations, but also a certain longing for what the other had. The US participants who were far from home missed parents; the Tunisian participants enjoyed living at home but also liked the idea of having freedom from their parents’ control.

We also discussed which participants were married and found that none of the participants in Gabes are, but one of the US participants is. The US participant who’s married discussed the fact that she and her husband would make a decision on who would stay home with kids based on who had the better job at the time; the Tunisian participants said that in their country the woman played the primary caregiving role regardless of the couple’s careers.

Next up as a topic: food and cooking.

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