A video dialogue program for young women in the USA and Muslim countries

Click on any of the links below for a 1-2 minute video clip. 

Videos with an (*) filmed in Tunisia.

2007-2008 PROGRAM

Session 1: Student Life

The Pluses and Minuses of Living with Parents

The Pluses and Minuses of Living with Parents*

Session 2: Family Life

Are Mothers Envious of the Rights Their Daughters Enjoy? 

How Daughters Differ from Their Mothers’ Generation

Living with In-Laws

Living with Grandparents

Relationships with Spouses, Parents

Session 3: Food and Cooking

Men in the Kitchen

Americans and Fast Food I

Americans and Fast Food II

Multicultural Cuisine

Eating at Home vs. Restaurants

Types of Restaurants in the US*

Session 4: Clothing, Appearance and Body Image

Where and How Often We Shop

Does Clothing Say Something About People’s Personalities?

Wearing Inappropriate Attire for Fashion’s Sake

Clothing Should Respect Your Society and Body

Amusement in NYC and Gabes as Our Videoconference Encounters Difficulties

Session 5: The Media

Session 6: Dating/Social Interactions [Audio problems made this one amusing]

Dating and Finding Mr. Right

Participants Describe the Perfect Man

Session 7: Legal Protection for Women

Session 8: Discrimination

Whom People Discriminate Against

Why Discrimination is Dangerous Separation of Religion and Government in the US

Discrimination Against Those Who are Different

Being Muslim in the West

Wage Equality Among Immigrants*

Session 9: Crime and Violence

Children and Violence*

Session 10: Environment and Social Responsibility

Air Pollution in Tunisia*

Pollution in NYC*

Climate Change and Weather Patterns*

Assuming Responsibility for Carbon Emissions*  

Session 11: Use of New Technology

Session 12: Globalization

Defining Globalization*

Reducing Distances Through Globalization*  

Role of United Nations*

Sharing as a Result of Globalization*


2006-2007 PROGRAM

Session 6: Dating and Social Interactions

Meeting Significant Others

Jealousy, Love and Dating between Ethnic Groups

Morality and Dating

Session 7: Legal Protection for Women

Equality in the Workplace and Nature vs. Nurture

Session 8: Addressing Discrimination

Comparing Discrimination in the US and Tunisia

Are Laws a Practical Way to Prevent Discrimination?

Racism and Misperceptions in the US

Perceptions of Americans and Arabs I

Perceptions of Americans and Arabs II

Session 9: Crime and Violence 

Addressing Problems Through Violence

Session 10: Environmental Issues

An Inconvenient Truth

Developed Nations and Climate Change

Leonardo DiCaprio and the Environment

Session 11: Use of New Technology

Usage of the Internet

Preferred News Sources

The Isolation of Technology

Session 12: The Pluses and Minuses of Globalization

Globalization and Youth in Tunisia I

Globalization and Youth in Tunisia II

Globalization and Youth in Tunisia III

Impact of Western Culture in Tunisia

Globalization as Viewed in the US

Influence of Japanese Youth Culture in the US

The Anomaly of New York City

America as Global Influencer