A video dialogue program for young women in the USA and Muslim countries

Participants from Gabes 2006-2007

hanen1.jpgHanen Aboud is in her fourth year at the Higher Institute of Languages of Gabes. In her free time, she likes dancing, camping and traveling. Her ambition is to be a university teacher or to work in the British or American Embassy.  Through 12 Hours, she hopes to meet people from the United States and to exchange cultural information and personal experiences. She also looks forward to communicating with native English speakers to improve her English-language skills. Contact: hanen at 12hours.org

picture-of-samar1.jpgSamar Aboud is an M.A. in finance and insurance at the Higher Institute of Management in Gabes. She enjoys reading, watching TV, sports, camping and traveling. She would like to pursue a doctorate and one day teach at the university level at ISGG (HIM). Through 12 Hours, she hopes to improve her English, learn more about American people and share her culture and experiences with Americans. Contact: samar at 12hours.org

picture-of-fethia51.jpgInes Amri is studying literature as a fourth-year English student. She enjoys singing, acting, using the Internet, reading novels in French and English and watching movies. She would like to get an MA and a PhD. Her dream is to travel the world and to visit the USA and Britain. She would also like to have a family and live in a peaceful world one day. She hopes to be able to exchange ideas and opinions with the Americans in the program, and to be able to correspond with them. Contact: ines at 12hours.org

rim2.jpgRim Ayadi has studied for her master’s degree in financial engineering. She enjoys writing poetry, listening to music and engaging in sports such as aerobics. Her dream is to travel the world. She’s anxious to meet Americans through the 12 Hours program and learn more about American civilization. Contact: rim at 12hours.org 


wided2.jpgWided Brini is in the fourth year of linguistic studies at the Higher Institute of Languages in Gabes. She is most interested in the news, and dreams of creating new research in the field of linguistics. She hopes to speak English more fluently, and to have an open exchange of ideas with the American participants. 


ines-karrou1.jpgIness Karou




picture-of-imen1.jpgImen Najeh has studied English at the Higher Institute of Learning in Gabes. She enjoys reading and would like to get a PhD in the field of civilization and to teach at the ISLT Gabes. She also hopes to travel to the United States. She is hoping to become acquainted with new friends from the US through 12 Hours, and to learn more about the country.  

Whichi Shahrazad
Contact: whichi at 12hours.org

darine2.jpgDarine Saouai is in her fourth year at the Higher Institute of Languages in Gabes. She enjoys using the Internet, watching TV, shopping, traveling and making friends from different parts of the world. She would love to visit the US one day. She is hoping to improve her English and gain insight into the culture and experiences of the participants in New York. Contact: darine at 12hours.org

inesii.jpgAmna Tounekti has studied English at the Higher Institute of Learning in Gabes. She enjoys surfing the Internet, watching TV (especially documentaries), shopping, travelling and meeting people from around the world. She would like to continue on to get a PhD, and to have a chance to work with native English speakers. She hopes to have successful interactions with her counterparts in New York and make friends with Americans through the program. Contact: amna at 12hours.org


Participants from New York 2006-2007

img_41091.jpgRhonda Buege has worked in the Medical Professional Liability industry for nine years.  She is an underwriting director for a large commercial insurer.  Prior to moving to New York City, Rhonda lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Rhonda grew up in Winona, Minnesota and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Rhonda enjoys running as a member of the New York Road Runners Club.  In addition, she plays the piano and flute. Her best memories include her study abroad experiences in Spain and Greece. Contact: rhonda at 12hours.org

liz1.jpgLiz Cullen is a first year graduate school student at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia. She is interested in improving the lives of women in both the US and abroad. Her studies focus on women’s economic development internationally. For the past four years, she has worked at the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization in New York City, helping women business owners do business with major corporations.  Liz graduated Magna Cum Laude from Dartmouth College with a BA in Comparative Literature. She has studied Russian, Spanish, and is currently learning Chinese.  She is from Washington, DC where the majority of her large extended family still live. Contact: liz at 12hours.org

img_41093.jpgVirsa Hurt is a graduate student at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. She is from Memphis, Tennessee, and is a recent graduate of Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Currently, Virsa is studying East Asia and International Economic Policy. After graduation, she plans to enter the Department of State as a Foreign Service economic officer. She loves to travel and has spent time in Japan, Korea, and Ghana. In her leisure time, Virsa enjoys movies, music, photography, and shopping. Contact: virsa at 12hours.org

rachel1.jpgRachel Lennon was first inspired to learn more about Muslim women when she traveled out of the United States to the Middle East when she was 21. During her first trip, she met some very beautiful, intelligent, articulate Arab women who inspired her to continue studying such a foreign, beautiful culture. Since then, she has studied Arabic in Egypt and traveled around the Middle East alone during the summer of 2005. She is currently a student at Columbia University where she studies management techniques. She is also a program coordinator in a non-profit organization where she gives legal advice to New Yorkers on all issues ranging from immigration matters to divorce. She would be more than happy to correspond with any women involved in the program. Contact: rachel at 12hours.org

Marta Masferrer is an accomplished and versatile director, producer, screenwriter and editor of spots, EPKs, narrative and documentary films for a range of clients. She currently works as a Segment Producer and Editor for “NY 360,” an entertainment show airing on WNBC and Channel 25 in NYC, as well as for “The Weekend Today in New York” show on NBC. Marta was recently recognized as a 2005 AIVF Screenwriting Fellow for her screenplay Utter Normalcy, and was also an Honoree of the IFP New York 2002 Project Involve diversity initiative. Born to a Cuban father and an American mother, she spent her first ten years in Panama before moving to Miami, Florida. Marta is an alumnae of the 2004 Latino Producers Academy and a graduate of the UCLA Professional Screenwriters Program where she was awarded a merit scholarship. Marta studied Fine Arts and Latin American Studies at Carnegie Mellon University and received a Professional Certificate in Global Affairs from NYU. Contact: marta at 12hours.org

jina1.jpgJina Moore grew up in West Virginia, a hilly, rural state with more land than jobs, but lots of good stories. Jina majored in European history as an undergraduate at Boston University and is now a journalism and international affairs graduate student at Columbia University.  She wants to work as a journalist in Africa. Contact: jina at 12hours.org

mridula1.jpgMridula Palat has experience creating and marketing entertainment programs. Her most recent work includes the media campaign for the World Leaders Summit at the United Nations Secretariat and the marketing campaign for the launch of the Coca-Cola product ‘Dasani Sensations’ in New York. She has a Masters degree in communications from Sophia College (India) and has just graduated from The School of International Affairs at Columbia University. Contact: mridula at 12hours.org

chantal1.jpgChantal Pasquerello was born in Belgium but grew up in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After completing her BA in International Affairs at Lafayette College, she spent just over two years in the West African nation of Togo with the United States Peace Corps. While in Togo, Chantal lived and worked in a small rural village as part of a project geared towards increasing the role of Togolese women in the development of the country. On her way home from Togo (via Tunisia, Morocco, and Spain), she had the good fortune to visit the University of Gabes as the guest of Professor Jamel Jemni. Chantal is currently a first year MIA student working towards a concentration in Human Rights with a focus on Development in Africa. Contact: chantal at 12hours.org

betsy11.jpgBetsy Uhrman grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). After graduating from college, Betsy moved to New York City. She currently works at a private foundation that aims to promote political, economic and social reform. Her hobbies include pottery, yoga, hiking, and travel. Contact: betsy at 12hours.org