A video dialogue program for young women in the USA and Muslim countries

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Additional Thoughts from our Participants  

“It helped me a lot on many levels: linguistically, my English became more fluent and consistent; intellectually, I’m more open to any counter and different views; and culturally, I learned that we all converge in many meeting points, that somehow we all look alike. I want also to say that difference is the source of richness!!”  - Ines Amri, Gabes   

“At the beginning, I thought that there would be so many differences which would make the communication difficult… but after we talked, I’ve noticed that as ‘young women’, we share many things although we came from different cultures and backgrounds. I’d like to extend my relation with the US paticipants outside the session time - it would be interesting to know more things about them…It’s really a nice experience that I’m having in this videoconference - to know about other people from other culture has been always something interesting for me. I like to know how the others think and how they live, if there are really huge differences between our lives, especially as young women. So far, I think we have exchanged some important information about the situation of women in both countries…and each time we meet it gets more interesting. Really!!!!!”   - Amna Tounekti, Gabes   

“I knew nothing about Gabes, Tunisia, and their culture before the program. Now I feel like I have a working knowledge and am interested in the region. I am also interested in the ways they are a lot like us - in terms of friendships, families, dating but also the globalization topic brought up the ways in which we are different and look at the same topic through our own cultural lenses. I was unprepared for how similar we would be and then interested when we actually had very different reactions.”  - Liz Cullen, New York     

“The 12 hour duration of the project [was] just enough to begin to feel comfortable but not too long to feel we were re-hashing old issues. The size of our group in the end [was good] - smaller seemed better to me since those who came were very committed and engaged…while we’re all very similar, it is such an American perspective to question everything, but this did not seem the norm for the women in Gabes.”   - Chantal Pasquarello, New York